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Public Relations

Executive Board Member

4 Paws for Ability at Ohio State // service dog organization chapter // 300 members

Role: social media platform manager, website manager, apparel package coordinator

Duration: 2021 - 2022

Position Goals

Social Media
  • Create a consistent brand image through strengthening the organization's iconic red color.

    • Achieved through matching the saturation of the main feed content.​

  • Ensure the platform represents the programs and people.

    • Integrated a more efficient, accessible photo collection.
      through Photocircle so all
      members could contribute. 

  • Update highlights and introduce new content.

    • Add an emphasis on our fundraisers with event flyers and updates.

      • We were able to sponsor a litter of service dogs by the end of the year.​

    • Extended our social media platform to TikTok and reestablished our LinkedIn and Facebook presence.

  • Design consistent and accessible apparel with a college dog lover demographic as the intended user.

    • After a year in the position, I was able to provide over $1,500 worth of apparel to the organization.​

    • Prioritize the opinions of members through surveys and polls with open-ended ideas and specific feedback for cut, color, and brand.

  • Initiated the decision to split the Public Relations Chair position into Public Relations Chair and Design Chair to allow for the roles to grow due to the large membership and audience.

Social Media Work

Organized photoshoots to give handlers access to high quality photos of their service dogs in training and strengthen brand imaging.

Apparel Design
Fundraiser Poster
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