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Eos Logotype

A Greek airline encapsulating the iconic connotation of the blue church domes in Santorini, Greece.

The identity draws in feelings of lightness, exploration, and deep history.

Eos Airbus
Eos Icons
Individual Project

Focus: Brand Identity

Tools: Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop

Duration: Summer 2022 (2 months)


Develop a brand identity for a fictive airline. The airline industry utilizes strong branding to compete for customers among the flock of over 5,000 airlines.


I was inspired by the strength of national airlines to design a brand for Greece. "eos" takes notes from the minimal color palette and simple, meaningful shapes of Scandinavian design and culture during my time in a graphic design studio in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Poster One
Poster Two
Poster Three
Poster Plot
Final Plot
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