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Flexible Wayfinding

A participatory research project focused on how to make wayfinding design more sustainable and progressive.

Using co-design methods, I collaborated with outdoor event participants to establish the need for flexible wayfinding.

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Individual Research Distinction

Focus: Design Research, Document Design

Tools: Miro, InDesign

Duration: Spring 2023 // 4 months


  • Denman Forum Candidate for the Human Experience Category

  • Arts Undergraduate Research Scholarship Recipient


Currently, there is an abundance of permanent wayfinding that does not offer flexibility. When it comes time to change or alter writing or even the subject, the entirety of the wayfinding system is commonly discarded. There is room for improvement in the use of wayfinding. Flexible wayfinding allows the information in a space to be redesigned and replaced with less waste. 


At the moment, there is a lack of information or support to incorporate flexible wayfinding through secondary research. This research project focuses on validating flexible wayfinding as a useful and progressive tool and providing a starting point for designers in their application of flexible wayfinding through a guide book.

Guide Book

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Participant workshops were led through Miro with a focus on determining user needs and wayfinding perception. These are a few examples of participant work that is explained in depth within the guide book.

Denman Forum Poster 

The Denman poster was created midterm during the ideation stage of my distinction before workshops had started.

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