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Bare and Boho

Environmental design tackling the future
of slow fashion within the retail sphere.

My team selected the existing brand Bare and boho, who sells reusable hygiene products for all babies and people who can give birth.

Image by Bare and Boho
Illustration recreated from Bare and Boho

Image by Bare and Boho

Group Project

Group Dynamic: Team of 3 // interdisciplinary with industrial, interior, and visual communication designers

My Contribution: Presentation decks, collaborative concept development, environmental graphics, app mockups

Tools: Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop

Duration: Spring 2022 // 4 months

Image by Bare and Boho


We were asked to choose a slow fashion brand that aligned with our team’s core social  values and create their first physical retail store. The store should aim to educate and activate the brand’s mission while providing an unparalleled experience for their customers.


Bare and Boho welcomes all, but recognizes that switching to reusable products is not easy or accessible for everybody; our shop offers a laundry service that supports educational classes and programs held at a Harlem location and on the Boho Bus. Our space also features the artists and a Buy One, Give One program.

Final Presentation
Concept Development

Two Big Ideas

Midterm Progress

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