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Pando Mark

Environmental design tackling slow food
within a food retail experience.

My team created Pando, a hub and spoke program focused on generational learning and outreach within South Side Chicago.

Gathering Ground Floor One
Pando Founders
Group Project

Group Dynamic: Team of 6 // interdisciplinary with industrial, interior, and visual communication designers

Role: Project Lead

My contribution: Brand identity, presentation decks, collaborative concept development, 1/2 of environmental graphics, pitch video animation, rendering edits

Tools: Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, AfterEffects

Duration: Spring 2023 // 4 months


  • Studio winner with a panel of working retail
    design professionals

  • Center for Architecture and Design "Design in Education" Exhibit piece

Get a quick understanding of the project in the pitch video below!

Navigate the nuanced, complex problem of food justice and food deserts through a comprehensive problem that supports an underserved community.


Through secondary research, our group created a brick and mortar community center in the heart of Chicago. We translated a new brand concept into a multifaceted physical space.

Final Presentation
Center for Architecture & Design Exhibit Poster
Concept Development


Two Big Ideas

Midterm Progress

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